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We can be a mediating force on projects involving party wall matters

If your construction concerns party walls, and you need to make changes in order to help your project succeed, call Tugby & Tugby Surveyors. We can serve notices and schedules of condition, as well as assisting in dispute resolution if required.

•   A schedule of condition

•   Awards - in order to resolve disputes fairly and practically

•   Serving of notices, including:

We can issue:

For an experienced surveying service, call Tugby & Tugby Surveyors on:

Party wall surveys and dispute resolution across Essex and East London

If you need a party wall surveyor to preside over projects involving shared walls, speak to Tugby & Tugby Surveyors

•   Party structure notices

•   Notice of adjacent excavation

•   Line of junction notice

020 8501 3121

All of our work is performed to conform to the Party Wall Etc Act:1996, so you can be confident that we will provide all of our advice and surveys to the exact letter of the law.


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